PR company concept
The project on assistance to women - victims of violence
Task: Call public attention to domestic violence problem over women and to motivate the victims on understanding and a solution
Target audience:
Victims (Category 1)
Women - victims of domestic violence, who are exposed to physical and psychological abuse. Who realize a problem, but don't know what to undertake
Victims (Category 2)
Women - victims of domestic violence who aren't realized that are exposed to violence.
The public (surrounding and not only) who suppress the existing problems and infix in victim's mind that it is norm.
In view of problem scale and necessity of the address to several categories of audience at the same time, we consider that one video is not the solution of a campaign problem.

In this case, an activation (an interactive campaign) will be more effective decision. It affects several media channels at once .
Media channels
Channels which will be involved within the campaign
Outdoor (external advertising)
Several billboards with a non-standard outdoor advertising
Social media
Block of short videos in Instagram which form grid of a certain image
Trend setters
Trend setters involvement to a discourse on a violence subject
Local TV broadcasting

Billboard with optical illusion as a metaphor of the available problem:

- problem existence isn't visible from far away, it appears (become visible) only when you come closer

- or the problem finds itself only under certain conditions
Outdoor advertising which is shown only at UF-light at night.


In the afternoon: the image of the woman with the text "Hello, I am your neighbor"

At night: Bruises appearance on the same image of the woman and the new text is shown "... and I am beaten at night"
Social media
A special block of content which illustrate - what seen "outside" is absolutely not that occurs "inside"
Trend setters
Block of short videos with trend setters where different absurd and sophisticated justifications of violence over women are shown.
The video for TV are built on basis of several short videos with trend setters
Campaign stages
Video case on an outdoor advertising
Video directed to maintenance of virality of a stage with an outdoor advertising
Social media
Video for TV
Interactive series
Interactive series in social networks which allows the audience to make the choice (how the hero of the show should act) at certain stages of video what can be result, proceeding from the made choice
Involvement of the victims shelter events
Special events which provide an opportunity to the victims to come to a shelter, without excess stress and resistance from family and people around
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